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Jandy JXi The Best Pool/Spa Heater We've Seen!

Jandy JXi

We have installed and repairs thousands of pool/spa heaters over our 18-years of service, but the new JXi heater from Jandy in our opinion incorporates the latest technology to offer the best heater available today in regards to performance, longevity, ease of use, compact size, and serviceability. When installed by a professional technician from PSMP, you will receive an extended 2-Year Limited Warranty on your heater in comparison to only a 1-year warranty on others brands. Now that's quality assurance, so let's explore some features and options of the JXi.

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  • Ultra-Compact Lightweight Design - The JXi pool and spa heater is 38% lighter with a 28% smaller footprint than many other competitor models.
  • Flexible Installation - 180° rotatable top.
  • Easy Access to the electrical panel for servicing.
  • Sidewall Ventilation - Provides versatility and no need for special venting for outdoor installations.
  • High-Efficiency Gas Train and Heat Exchanger Design
  • Copper fin heat exchanger tubes for efficient heat transfer
  • Single stainless steel burner with robust design
  • Blower-driven gas and air mix for reliable performance
  • Hot surface ignitor for consistent start-ups
  • User-Friendly Control - Digital interface for effortless temperature control and diagnostics with run-time and cycle meter.

OPTIONAL: VersaFlow Bypass

The Jandy JXi heater has the option of adding a unique accessory, the VersaFlo Integrated Bypass which not only can save you money, but also extends the life of the heat exchanger. Since pool heaters are typically used only 3.5% on average over the annual pump run-time. The other 96.5% the heat exchanger would be bypassed so that the pump works less to push water through the exchanger, thereby saving electrical energy, usually calculated into a savings of about $350 per year. A JXi heater with a VersaFlo installed activates and opens its built-in bypass valve only when a call for heat is executed, otherwise it will keep the normal flow of water out of the heat exchanger.

  • Up to 20 percent additional energy savings
  • VersaFlo bypass is integrated into the JXi header, requiring no external plumbing modifications.
  • Automatic actuation of bypass is based on call for heat and does not require human interaction
  • Trade Series Exclusive

jandy jxi bypass

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